Patty Jenkins wants to revolutionize Star Wars with her Rogue Squadron!

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Patty Jenkins you have a lot of work on your hands. It is currently occupied by three interesting projects: the entry into the saga Star Wars, Rogue Squadron; Wonder Woman 3 Y Cleopatra. The filmmaker is going to begin with the adventure of the group of rebel pilots who knew how to give so many blows to the Palpatine and Vader’s Empire. Jenkins is ambitious, says she wants to do the “best pilot movie ever. The mix of fantasy, science fiction and elements like heroism are sure to contribute to your project.

The director has a lot of content to inspire her. There are the books that tell the feats of the squad and the video game saga that popularized the title with its three entries: Rogue Squadron, Rogue Leader y Rebel Strike. Jenkins says he wants to bring the concept to a “new era” and thus explore new elements of the franchise.

Patty Jenkins wants to revolutionize Star Wars

“I’m in love with the three projects I have right now. Michael Stackpole’s books and video games by Rogue Squadron they are a story that deserves to be honored. However, we have to take it to a new era because we have to tell a different story trying to mix it all up and make it the great fighter pilot movie I’ve always wanted to make, ” remarked the director.

¿Star Wars: Rogue Squadron can revolutionize the most successful saga of cinema? Yes of course. The sequences of space combat are one of the most attractive elements for fans of the franchise. Video game and book lovers will surely be there on the opening day!

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Patty Jenkins is a director who achieved significant popularity from her great work in the two entries of Wonder Woman and it will also serve as an attraction for audiences, who will surely want to enjoy their vision within the saga. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron It will hit theaters on December 22, 2023.

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