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Paul Mescal Reveals 'Gladiator II' Training Routine and Original Film Memories

Paul Mescal Reveals ‘Gladiator II’ Training Routine and Original Film Memories

Paul Mescal is excited to honor the legacy of the original “Gladiator” in the much-anticipated sequel, set to release this November. In a recent interview, the 28-year-old actor shared his thoughts on “Gladiator II” and the unique direction the new film will take.

Mescal emphasized that the sequel pays homage to the original 2000 epic while introducing fresh elements. He believes the film strikes a balance between physical action and political intrigue, making it a compelling continuation of the story.

Being chosen to carry on the “Gladiator” legacy is a significant achievement for Mescal, particularly under the direction of Ridley Scott. “That film is hugely important to a lot of people across the world,” he said. “And for the great Ridley Scott to kind of pass the baton on to me is something that, like, my drama school self or even the version of myself that was 15 watching the film for the first time, could never have imagined.”

In “Gladiator II,” Mescal takes on the role of Lucius Verus, Commodus’ nephew who was sent away from Rome as a boy by his mother, Lucilla (played by Connie Nielsen). The plot sees Lucius returning to Rome after his home in northern Africa is raided by the Roman army, forcing him to fight in the Colosseum. This role demanded extensive physical training, which Mescal approached with dedication. “There was a lot of work that went into it,” he recalled, highlighting the rigorous training regimen involving heavy lifting, squatting, pushing, and pulling.

Working with an all-star cast, including Denzel Washington, Pedro Pascal, Joseph Quinn, and Fred Hechinger, was a transformative experience for Mescal. Reflecting on the ensemble cast, he noted, “I think for a lot of us, especially the younger cohort of the cast, we would easily say that it’s a job that changed our lives.”

The actor also fondly remembered his introduction to the original film, watching it with his father and being captivated by its story and spectacle. The enduring impact of “Gladiator” has remained in the cultural zeitgeist for two decades, something Mescal acknowledges as both a source of pressure and confidence. “There’s a healthy amount of pressure but also a healthy amount of confidence from the people that made the film. We are excited to kind of add the next installment to a film that has been and will continue to be incredibly popular.”

“Gladiator II” will storm into theaters on November 22, marking a significant moment for fans of the original and new audiences alike.

Source: ET