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Paul Mescal Secures Gladiator 2 Role After 20-30 Minute Zoom Call

Paul Mescal Secures Gladiator 2 Role After 20-30 Minute Zoom Call

Paul Mescal landed the role in the new Gladiator movie quite swiftly, without a screen test. The 86-year-old director Ridley Scott was convinced of Mescal’s suitability for the role of Lucius after a brief Zoom call. Vanity Fair interviewed Mescal, who recounted that his part was secured through this conversation.

Mescal reflected on the conversation, stating, “We spoke for about 20 to 30 minutes. I wanted to understand the storyline, so we discussed it for around 15 minutes. Then, we chatted about the sport I played growing up, Gaelic football. Perhaps my physicality helped in landing the role.”

The meeting clearly went well, as Mescal received an offer two to three weeks later. Now, he is part of what could be one of the year’s biggest films. Mescal also talked about preparing for the fighting scenes, emphasizing the need to appear strong and capable of causing damage when situations get intense. He avoided striving for a commercialized look, as he wanted to appear more like a warrior than an underwear model.

The new Gladiator II movie picks up where Russell Crowe’s 2000 epic left off. Lucius, played by Mescal, is the son of Lucilla, a role reprised by Connie Nielsen. The story unfolds several decades after the original film, exploring complex situations that challenge the characters. According to Nielsen, the film dives into the impact of authoritarian power disguised as a Republican government, showcasing how power games affect human lives caught in them.

Pedro Pascal joins the cast as Roman General Marcus Acacius. Pascal described his character as a top-tier general, which inherently involves being an effective killer. His presence in the film is heavily defined by the legacy of his actions.

Ridley Scott detailed the film’s beginning, which involves a fierce raid by the Roman fleet on Numidia, setting a brutal tone for the movie. Clearly, the quick Zoom call paid off for Paul Mescal, as Gladiator II promises to be a hit when it arrives in theaters on November 22.

Source: Vanity Fair