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Paul Mescal Teases New Gladiator Movie with Tantalizing Four Words

Paul Mescal Teases New Gladiator Movie with Tantalizing Four Words

Paul Mescal has sparked excitement for his upcoming role in Gladiator II after he described it as a “beast of a film.”

Speaking with Today FM on the same day the official trailer was released, Mescal shared insights about what audiences can anticipate from the highly-anticipated sequel.

“I think what they (audiences) should expect is that it picks the world of the first Gladiator up and plants it 20 years into the future,” he explained. “It has the same energy and spirit of the first one but the character’s journey through the mad world that is Ancient Rome couldn’t be more different. It balances an honoring of the first film but is very much its own beast and it very much is a beast of a film.”

The 28-year-old actor from Co Kildare has big shoes to fill as he steps into a role two decades after Russel Crowe’s iconic performance in the 2000 original. Fans of the first film are expected to watch with a critical eye, while newer fans are eager to see Mescal in such a high-profile role.

“It’s new territory for me,” he said about the growing anticipation for the film. “It’s absolutely bananas but I’ve seen the trailer and the film, I think the hype is kind of warranted. I’m as big of a fan of the first film as the next person and I think it’s just indicative of the legacy that this film has. Ridley Scott directing a second one, for people who love film, it’s a no-brainer.”

Gladiator II will also feature legendary actor Denzel Washington and Pedro Pascal, known for his roles in Narcos and Game of Thrones. The film is set to be released on Friday, November 22, just before the Thanksgiving weekend.

Source: Today FM