Paula and Leslie Moscoso speak after complaints from Allison Pastor with production of “Show Queens”

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Paula and Leslie Moscoso speak after complaints from Allison Pastor with production of "Show Queens"

Paula Manzanal and Leslie Moscoso, participants of “Reinas del Show”, spoke about Allison Pastor, who has given something to talk about after the accusations he made against the production of Gisela Valcárcel’s program.

Fabio Agostini’s partner ruled out that there are preferences with some participants of “Queens of the Show.”

“Preferences I don’t see them anywhere. I think it depends on what each one demands. They have always combed me the way I wanted and if I don’t like it I take it off and say ‘start over’ (…) If she didn’t like something, she should have said it at the time “, Manzanal said to the cameras of “América Hoy”.

In addition, he emphasized that Pastor is the only one who has complained about the treatment of the production of “Reinas de Show”. “So far the only one who has complained is Allison, no one else has complained about anything. He should have complained before, not after when they already put the score on him ”, added.

Leslie Moscoso advised Allison Pastor not to victimize herself. “Each one presents their proposal with their choreographer, we start from there. If you want something, you ask for it and they give it to you. You want a trampoline, they give you a trampoline. (…) This is a job, you don’t have to victimize girls, to make the public feel sorry for those roles that they didn’t give me, no girls, do your best and put on a good performance on stage ” He said.

On the other hand, Milena Zárate said that she was surprised by the comment made by EricK Elera. “Erick’s statements were very surprising, because everything I have asked has been given to me”, said the Colombian.

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