Paula Arias after opening clothing store: “It’s a dream come true”

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Paula Arias after opening clothing store: "It's a dream come true"

Paula Arias, leader of “Son Tentación”, has just entered the world of fashion with the opening of his clothing store in the Gama Moda Plaza shopping center, located in Gamarra.

The beautiful singer recalled that last year she carried out some activities in order to generate income. First he focused on the sale of chickens and vegetables by delivery, then he ventured into the sale of clothing online and now with his position at Jeans To Fire.

“We artists have to reinvent ourselves because where are we going to generate income from? Last year I did some entrepreneurial things, but since people started dating I had to change the field and I am in one where I really like it, it is also like a dream come true. I can say that I am surviving ”, He said.

Arias mentioned that with his jeans for women he wants to impose fashion and that later he will take out dresses, blouses, among other garments.

My audience is women. At Son Tentación we have always wanted to empower them. But when my business grows I will also do for gentlemen, so that they do not feel excluded “, manifested.

Although Gamarra has not yet reactivated 100%, the businesswoman pointed out that she is meeting many fighting people and among them they are helping each other in sales.

He indicated that the shopping center where it is located has all kinds of attention, from banks, supermarkets, exclusive stores, pharmacies and other activities, so it has nothing to envy the large malls of the country.

His goal is for his clothing brand to expand to other districts and provinces. “That would be the ideal, even abroad, which by the way I already have orders for Bolivia”, added.


While she is dedicating herself to her new endeavor, the leader of “Son Tentación” assured that she will not leave music and will continue releasing new songs. He recently released “Falso amor” with the group “Combinación de La Habana”.

“I identify with the lyrics of that song because the past, past, is dead and buried, but I do not close myself to love either, perhaps later because now I am focused on my three children and my work”, He said.

He also maintained that all artists of different genres are coming together to collaborate and support each other. Proof of this is that he collaborated with Dúo Idéntico with the single “Se acabó”. “Ours does not have to stop and so continue to see something different that makes you happy in the midst of so much sadness. We are renewing ourselves ”, referred.

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