Paula Arias and her reaction after ‘ampay’ from her partner Eduardo Rabanal | VIDEO

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The sauce boat Paula Arias He spoke before the cameras of “Magaly TV: La Firme” after his partner, soccer player Eduardo Rabanal, was supported by his son’s mother in loving situations.

“Yes, I have made up my mind. Enough with what happened. I’ll see it in private, please “, Arias said when approached by the reporter.

After that, the journalist offered Arias to listen to Rabanal’s audios that would confirm the alleged infidelity, but she refused to listen to them.

Days ago, in the space hosted by Magaly Medina, some images were broadcast that showed the Carlos A. Mannucci footballer with his son’s mother sharing a loving moment at a country club.

The athlete shared a statement through his Instagram Stories in which he addressed public opinion to explain that he is not linked by any love relationship with his ex-partner, Maria Fernanda Rodríguez, and indicated that he continues his relationship with the sauce company.

“Regarding the images released in various entertainment media, I must clarify that the person who appears in that video is the mother of my son, with whom I have not had any kind of romantic relationship for a long time”, initially indicated.

“The only bond that unites us is that of parents, where there is mutual respect and we ensure the best interests of our child”, added and specified: “My partner, Paula Arias, and I have knowledge of how the present situation is being handled.”

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