Paula Arias: Eduardo Rabanal was denouncing family violence to the detriment of his son’s mother – MAG.

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Eduardo Rabanal, ex-partner of Paula Arias, is in the eye of the storm after being accused of family violence to the detriment of the mother of his son, identified as María Fernanda Rodríguez.

According to the police report, the events occurred on October 4 in the district of Comas. Club footballer Carlos A. Mannucci was accused of pulling the 23-year-old girl by the arm when she was in a shopping center demanding to see her son.

María Fernanda also told the Police that minutes later, the athlete came to his home in the company of his great-grandmother to see his youngest son, and that without his consent, he took the 2-year-old boy to an unknown destination.

The young woman adds that, when fleeing, Eduardo Rabanal tried to run her over. And that, when communicating repeatedly with the player, he was ignorant without giving details about the location of the minor.

It should be remembered that María Fernanda Rodríguez previously argued that Eduardo Rabanal would have tried to resume his relationship with her despite the fact that he was a partner of the salsa singer Paula Arias.

After the issuance of the images where the ex-partner is seen in affectionate situations, the sauce boat issued a statement announcing the end of her relationship with the 24-year-old soccer player, however, they have been captured together again.

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