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Paula Arias on Eduardo Rabanal: “I have sufficient reasons to give him a second chance” – MAG.

After confirming that she resumed her romance with soccer player Eduardo Rabanal, the singer Paula Arias He responded to criticism and once again defended his 24-year-old partner, who was recently supported in loving situations with the mother of his son, identified as María Fernanda Rodríguez.

“Even if there are many opinions or there are people who can share, judge, or advise, we are the protagonists, no case is the same, I have to clarify that “, The sauce boat pointed out in the program “América Hoy”.

When consulted by Janet Barboza about what motivated her to give the benefit of the doubt to the club footballer Carlos A. Mannucci, the artist pointed out that not all men are the same, in reference to the case of infidelity suffered by the father of his daughters.

“Not all cases are the same, not all people are the same, I have sufficient reasons to have provided another opportunity at this time. In the previous case, for me it was something that could not be forgiven, the level cannot be compared because (at that time) we were already a family, we had two daughters “, he sentenced.

The vocalist of the “Son Tentación” orchestra added that both she and her partner Eduardo RabanalThey are calm and happy living this new stage of their relationship.

We are calm, we are sure of what we are experiencing, what has happened, how we have solved things, and we are together, yes, and that does not mean that I am an insecure person “, He sentenced and then added that he does not need to have a person by his side to get ahead.

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