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Paula Arias receives a surprise call from Eduardo Rabanal in “On everyone’s lips”: “He is a correct person” – El Comercio

Paula Arias was featured on the show “En boca de todos” before embarking on a trip to Europe as part of his musical tour with the group “Son Tentación”, but he did not have a surprise call from his current sentimental partner, soccer player Eduardo Rabanal.

The sauce boat was really surprised by the athlete’s detail and stressed that it is the first time that he talks about his relationship on the small screen.

In telephone conversation, Rabanal said that he will miss Paula in the middle of his tour of Europe and did not rule out the possibility of also traveling to the old continent to surprise her for a few days.

“I’m going to miss her quite a bit. The time that we are together, we try to make the most of it. The things that we experience every day are very intense and very beautiful things. It will be difficult not to have her, but she knows that I like to surprise her and I hope she does not find it strange that I appear there (Europe) ”, Eduardo Rabanal expressed.

In addition, the athlete highlighted several qualities of the leader of “Son Tentación”: “I think I am with the best woman in this world. She is beautiful, very human and to conquer her the truth has had to spend a long time ”.

Paula Arias also had words of love for the Peruvian soccer player. “I love everything about him and he already knows it. I like his personality and his way of being. He is a good and correct person. In addition, he is a good son, a good father and has a lot of love to offer ”, he pointed.

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