“Paula Chaves: Spilling the Tea on Mariano Iúdica and Her Celebrity BFFs Amid Confrontation with Laurita Fernández”

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Paula Chaves gave a revealing interview on LAM in which she discussed her time on “Dancing for a dream”, her relationship with her husband Pedro Alfonso, and her disagreements with other celebrities. One person she had a falling out with was Mariano Iúdica, whom she called “bocón”. She recalled a time when he tried to confront her about Pedro not wanting to work with her, which she realized was untrue. De Brito and Feudale brought up another theory that his comments were more intimate, but Chaves didn’t remember and moved on.

Chaves also clarified that she had no influence on casting decisions, including her husband dancing with Laurita Fernández. She found out that a journalist was “knitting something” about her and Pedro, which made her angry, but she fixed it right away. When asked about her friends in the industry, she mentioned Mery del Cerro and Gimena Accardi, with whom she has been close for many years. They even go on vacation together, but her closest friend is Mery, whom she talks to every day.

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