“Paxton Whitehead, Renowned English Actor from ‘Friends’ and ‘Fraiser’, Passes Away”

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On June 16, 2023, Paxton Whitehead died at a hospital in Virginia, United States. Alex Whitehead-Gordon, daughter of the 85-year-old actor, was the one who announced the death of her father to the local media. Her son Charles also confirmed the death.

“He is now resting in peace,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

Although none of the offspring gave further details, the American newspaper The New York Times reported that people close to the famous revealed that the cause of death was complications caused by a fall that took him to the sanitarium.

“He was a treasured client, a luminary in the acting world who is recognized for his extraordinary talent and dedication to his craft,” his agent told E! News. “He was admired for his versatility and the many roles he played on stage, television and film. His contributions to the world of entertainment will be appreciated and remembered for years to come.”

Also a playwright, he had a professional career of more than 70 years. He was born on October 17, 1937 in Kent, UK. He studied at Rugby School in Warwickshire and at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London. He was part of the Royal Shakespeare Theater Company. Later, he moved to New York where he began a career on Broadway, where he made his debut, in 1962, in the production The Affair.Jemal Countess/Getty Images Paxton Whitehead

From then on, Paxton Whitehead was part of various casts in works such as The Harlequin Studies, My Fair Lady and The Crucifer of Blood, among others. In 1978, he received an Honorary Degree from Trent University. Two years later he was nominated for a Tony for his performance in Camelot. The last appearance of him in theater was in 2014.

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He also worked for television and cinema. Among her works, the series Friends, Murder, she wrote, Ellen, 3rd rock from the sun, The Drew Carey Show, Mad about you, Frasier and Law & Order, to mention just a few, stand out.

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