Payment Verification in England

The Verified Badge Loses Importance with Meta’s Payment Verification System

Over the years, the verified badge has been an indication of a personality’s original account on any social media network. However, users have shown a liking for ‘medals,’ and Meta has recognized this. With Meta Verified, the payment verification system, users can easily acquire a badge that grants them access to exclusive functions.

Meta Verified is Now Available in England

In February 2022, Meta’s President, Mark Zuckerberg introduced the payment verification system, which was initially available in Australia and New Zealand. However, the feature has now become available in England at the cost of 9.99 pounds. With this payment, creators will have access to exclusive benefits, which will be available on both Facebook and Instagram.

Matt Navarra took to his Twitter account to share screenshots of the new membership plan, which is targeted at content creators on both Facebook and Instagram. Nevertheless, until it reaches the whole world, it may take a long time as the possibility of verifying accounts with the DNI means that Meta has access to more sensitive information about users.

When Will It Be Available in Spain?

Although Meta is doing everything possible to expand the payment verification system to the whole world, it may take a while before it reaches Spain. The strict data protection law in Europe means that Europe will have the final say on this feature. Nevertheless, users can wait until they see the “invite to pay” section on Facebook or Instagram that allows them to verify their badges as Twitch and Twitter have already done with Amazon Prime.

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