“Paz Vega Takes on a New Personal Challenge with Visible Excitement – See the Inspiring Images”

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Paz Vega: A New Direction

At 47, award-winning actress Paz Vega is embarking on an exciting new chapter in her career. Despite recent successes, such as presenting at the Platino Awards and appearing at Cannes, she is now taking on her biggest challenge yet: directing.

For the first time, Vega is taking on a leading role behind the camera, directing and co-writing the film, Rita. Accompanied by her team, she is hoping to create “a universal journey” that will touch the hearts of viewers.

On Set

Recently photographed on set looking happy and radiant, Vega is based in the Nuestra Señora de Gracia neighborhood in Gelves, a municipality located ten kilometers from the heart of Seville. The film’s staff, along with Vega, have begun their work and intend to transport viewers back to the 80s through the magic of cinema.

The arrival of the team in the area has generated a lot of buzz among residents. They have come to see the large display of cameras, technicians, props, and characters. The council has issued a statement revealing that Gelves has been chosen as the real set for the first film directed by Paz Vega. They also quote Vega as saying, “shooting in Gelves has been great, and it has been a very beautiful scene for which I am very grateful.”


In addition to Vega’s imposing presence immersed in her role, the photographs highlight a classic vehicle of the time, an iconic Seat 600 in dark color with registration in Barcelona. Other details, such as typical articles of the time, have also been added to give weight and authenticity to the story Vega wishes to convey.

A Stellar Cast

Along with the two child actors, Rita features an exceptional cast led by Alejandro Escamilla, Roberto Álamo, Daniel Navarro, Amada Santos, Paz de Alarcón, Margarita Asquerino, and Vega herself. Most of them have Andalusian roots, a decision made to achieve a reliable reflection of the customs and traditions of southern Spain during that time.

A Sweet Professional Moment

Vega is currently enjoying a successful moment in her career. In addition to directing Rita, she is also involved in the production and writing of other scripts. Her latest film, the family comedy A Todo Tren 2, has been a success at the box office, grossing over 6 million euros.

A Beautiful Love Story

Despite her busy schedule, Vega finds time for her personal life. The Sevillian woman, who lives in the Dominican Republic, has been in a beautiful love story for over two decades with Venezuelan businessman Orson Salazar. They have a large family of three children, Orson Jr, Ava, and Lenon.

Paz Vega is undoubtedly a multi-talented artist whose career continues to evolve and inspire.

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