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Peaky Blinders: Why did Annabelle Wallis leave the series so quickly?

The sixth and last season from Peaky Blinders it will come very soon. And, unsurprisingly, his fans have already begun to formulate theories and to raise questions of what will happen next. Since the beginning of its filming in January of this year, the English series of the BBC did not stop suffering a few blows: as if it were not enough with the pauses that they had to carry out due to the pandemic, in April the team suffered lost from Helen McCrory for cancer. Nothing is clear about what will happen next and one of the big questions has to do with the character of Grace Shelby, interpreted by Annabelle Wallis.

In the series starring Cillian Murphy, the actress played an Irish waitress who worked as a undercover agent of Birmingham Police. The objective? Approach to Thomas Shelby, with whom he finally fell in love. Although they moved away when the leader of the gang discovered the betrayal, they later met again, had their son Charles, and married.

And although everything seemed to be going relatively well, the character of Annabelle Wallis went through a fatal situation: in one incident, she was murdered from a shot that was meant for Shelby. The main character could not get over the death of his wife: he imagined her in his visions and showed how much he missed her. But … did it have to do with a creative decision? Why did the character leave the series so quickly? Will he return for the last season? All of that is what fans are questioning.

Cillian Murphy’s Character Has Visions About His Wife (IMDb).

The theory that Grace Shelby is still alive

Throughout its five seasons available on Netflix, many situations led fans to raise different theories about what would happen to the characters. On this occasion, many users shared on social networks the idea that Grace Shelby she’s not really dead. The hypothesis is based on the fact that it was precisely a secret mission that she carried on and that, in reality, never finished. In this way, she would remain linked to the Birmingham police and would only be faking her death.

Peaky Blinders

What really happened to Grace Shelby? (IMDb).

If that were true, Grace and Thomas could have their reunion in the final season of the series. However, so far everything seems to indicate that the presence of Annabelle Wallis on the recording sets may have to do with the filming of scenes that function as flashbacks or even other of the visions that Murphy’s character had in the previous season.

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