Pedro Almodóvar preparing his first film in English with Cate Blanchett

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The director of Todo sobre mi madre will adapt a book by Lucia Berlin on the big screen. Here’s what you need to know about his next project that reunites him with the Don’t Look Up actress.

Pedro Almodóvar will adopt a book by Lucia Berlin.
© GettyPedro Almodóvar will adopt a book by Lucia Berlin.

The Spanish cinema has a very clear reference: Pedro Almodovar. Winner of two Oscar awards he made sure that each piece of his filmography is a success with a very marked style. But, contrary to what moviegoers are used to, this time he will innovate with a film that will be developed for the first time in English. The cast, title and synopsis have already been released and it promises to be a most ambitious premiere.

As reported by Variety just a few hours ago, it will be Cate Blanchett the person in charge of embodying the protagonist of this story. The media assured that this project that involves the director of Everything about my mother and the Australian actress is in her early stages of development. That’s not all, because apparently this time it will not only be The Wish who will produce the film, but Blanchett herself.

The feature film will be titled Handbook for cleaners and will be inspired by the homonymous book of Lucia Berlin. This best seller was published nine years after her death and brings together a series of anthological stories in which different women go through demanding jobs with the aim of sustaining the lives of their children. Considered a revolutionary in literature, the American author was inspired by her own life to portray these experiences.

Although there are 43 short stories, Pedro Almodóvar will address only five of those included Manual for Cleaning Women. Among them, the book – loaded with female characters– describes the daily tasks of jobs ranging from a professor at a university, to a telephone operator, to a nurse and a cleaner. All of these stories are set in the context of Texas, Oakland, and Mexico.

It is not the first time that the Spanish director speaks about these texts. He already did it in a review for an edition of the best seller in Spanish: “It is the book with the most marked pages and in which my pencil annotations compete in length with the original text. His stories are so stark, sordid even, and so funny, that tempts me to do something with it”. Apparently the moment has come and it sounds more than interesting.

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