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Communications announcing the end of a romantic relationship have become popular in recent days. And it is that after Melissa Paredes announced her separation from Rodrigo ‘Gato’ Cuba in this way, it was Fiorella Méndez and Pedro Loli the ones who revealed that they are no longer together.

The young businesswoman and the singer, who did not get married but have a child in common, They used their Instagram Stories to share a message in which they made public the end of their relationship with their partner.

“Pedro and I have decided to go our separate ways. Making the difficult decision to end our relationship ”, it is read in the text written by Fiorella. Meanwhile, in his message, Pedro did not miss the opportunity to praise his now ex-partner.

“As is public knowledge, I am the father of a wonderful child together with a great woman who has given me the best stage of my life. We are family though for personal reasons, we have decided to end our relationship “wrote the Cumbiambero.

“We will continue working together and supporting each other in raising our son so that he grows up in a healthy and stable environment”, can be read in the statement of both in which they also ask “from the heart, that our privacy be respected ”.

The love story between Pedro Loli and Fiorella Méndez began in 2018. In December of that same year, it was announced that the communicator was pregnant and only a few months later, the singer proposed to her during his Disney vacation.

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However, the couple separated at the end of 2019, after the birth of their son, because the cumbiambero was involved in an infidelity scandal and associated with a 19-year-old woman identified as Jamileth Resurrection.

In May 2020, just when their little Alessio was one year old, they both looked very affectionate and They announced that they had decided to resume their relationship, and even left open the possibility of having another child.

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