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Pedro Loli: Fiorella Méndez explodes on social networks: “I was never respected”

Although Pedro Loli He recently pointed out that he had a cordial relationship with his ex-partner Fiorella Méndez, the television producer made a publication on his Instagram account that would prove the opposite.

“Sometimes we can pretend that nothing is wrong and that everything is fine, but inside we are bad, sad, not wanting anything.”, The producer began by pointing out in one of her stories.

The communicator also made it clear that she will seek to preserve the well-being of the son she has in common with the cumbia singer, and made reference to the continuous disrespect he suffered in recent years. Let us remember that both had decided to give themselves a second chance after the artist was supported by a 19-year-old girl.

Yes, gentlemen, social networks sometimes lie. I want to cry helplessly. I only want the best for my son and I will fight for it. I was tolerant for several years, I kept silent out of respect, but I realized that I was never respected. It’s over, no mores ”, sentence.

This pronouncement by Fiorella Méndez comes a day after Pedro Loli assured that both maintain a good parental relationship after their separation.

The truth is, I don’t want to go into too much detail, but I think it’s the best for us now, we have a nice parenting relationship. (…) The most important thing we want is that my son’s smile does not disappear from his face, it does not get lost“Said the artist in the program” En Boca de Todos “.

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