“Pedro Pascal Could Join the Cast of Gladiator 2: All the Details so Far”

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Pedro Pascal: The Rising Star of Hollywood

Pedro Pascal is one of the most attractive names in Hollywood today. The Chilean interpreter who began gaining popularity through his participation in Game of Thrones was consolidated thanks to The Mandalorian and The Last of Us, as one of the most loved and followed figures by the public.

Gladiator 2: Pascal in Negotiations to Join Cast

According to the specialized media Deadline, Pascal is in final negotiations to join the cast of Gladiator 2. The film, directed by Ridley Scott, is close to finalizing the participation of the actor who gained popularity portraying The Mandalorian. Pascal would take advantage of the months before starting the filming of the second season of The Last of Us to work on the Roman epic.

Paul Mescal Takes the Lead in Gladiator 2

The protagonist of Gladiator 2 will be Paul Mescal. The 26-year-old Irish actor, best known for his role in Hulu’s Normal People, will play Lucius, the son of Lucila. The leading role for this new film was highly sought after, and actors such as Miles Teller, Austin Butler, Richard Madden, and Timothée Chalamet were considered. However, Mescal emerged victorious with the choice after a meeting with Ridley Scott.

Russell Crowe “Slightly Jealous” of Gladiator 2

Russell Crowe confessed to having mixed feelings about the new Gladiator movie. The New Zealand actor said that while he has no knowledge of the highly anticipated sequel, he is “slightly jealous” of the project. Crowe won the Best Actor Oscar for his role in the original Gladiator film, which changed his life.

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Gladiator 2: A Long-Awaited Sequel

In 2000, Gladiator became one of the year’s biggest box office hits. It swept the Oscars by winning the statuettes for Best Film and Best Actor, among many others. The film gave rise to rumors of sequels that remained just that for over two decades. At the end of last year, however, it was confirmed that the project was finally underway. The film will be directed and produced by Ridley Scott, with David Scarpa writing the script. Janty Yates and Arthur Max, respectively, will be in charge of costume design and production. Gladiator 2 is expected to begin filming in the coming weeks, with the intention of releasing it in November 2024.

Pedro Pascal: From The Last of Us to a World of Gladiators

Meanwhile, during the next few weeks, the public will see the interpreter in Pedro Almodóvar’s new title, a short film entitled Strange Way of Life, where he shares the lead with Ethan Hawke. Pascal is undoubtedly on a streak of successful projects that could soon be added the long-awaited sequel, Gladiator 2.

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