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Pelosi says there will be agreement on Biden’s plans in a week

After months of fierce political fighting, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said on Sunday she hopes to reach an agreement on a huge social spending package and a vote on an infrastructure bill this week. that comes, adding: “We almost have it.”

President Joe Biden set out to secure passage of the two bills – which Democrats see as vital to his party’s future in next year’s midterm elections – before departing for the climate summit in Glasgow, which opens its doors on October 31.

The White House made “progress” as Biden met with a key member of his party on Sunday, a sentiment shared by Democratic leaders in Congress.

Asked on a CNN show whether the agreement on the spending package and the infrastructure vote could happen next week, Pelosi replied: “That’s the plan.”

On social spending, which has divided progressive and moderate Democrats, he sounded particularly optimistic. “We are almost there,” he said.

Pelosi’s comment came as Biden, at his home in Delaware, held what the White House described as a “productive discussion” with Joe Manchin, one of two Democratic senators whose resistance to the country’s Build Back Better program. President has turned out to be a great stumbling block.

“They continued to make progress, they will have their teams work on the follow-up to the meeting and agreed to stay in close contact with each other and with the wide range of members who have worked hard in those negotiations,” the White House said in a statement about the meeting at the meeting. which was also attended by the leader of the Senate Democrats, Chuck Schumer.

Biden also expressed optimism on television Thursday when he said, “I think I’ll get a deal.”

Democrats have slim majorities in both houses of Congress. However, internal divisions are preventing approval of the $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure project and the landmark social spending initiative that Biden says will provide better resources and equity for less fortunate Americans.

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