Penélope Cruz and Bizarrap: collaboration or just dinner with friends?

Bizarrap Surrounds Himself with Artists: Penélope Cruz Shares Special Meeting

Bizarrap, the Argentine music producer, has expanded his network of collaborations after his successful partnership with Shakira. Recently, he had a unique encounter with renowned Spanish actress Penélope Cruz, who shared pictures of their pleasant moment on social media. In the photos, Bizarrap can be seen wearing his iconic “Biza” cap.

Bizarrap’s Visit to Spain and Meeting with Penélope Cruz

Penélope Cruz captioned her Instagram photo gallery, “Why Bizarrap were you in Spain and meet Penélope Cruz?” Bizarrap responded, expressing his pleasure at meeting her. The visit to Spain was part of Bizarrap’s promotion for his 56th music session, which featured a performance alongside Rauw Alejandro. The meeting with Penélope took place at a party in Madrid.

Bizarrap’s Collaborations with Other Artists

In his “BZRP Music Sessions #56”, Bizarrap collaborated with Rauw Alejandro. The session also referenced Rauw Alejandro’s relationship with Rosalía, emphasizing her talent and success. Prior to this, Bizarrap had collaborated with Featherweight and Arcángel in sessions 54 and 55, respectively.

Speculation on a New Collaboration between Bizarrap and Shakira

While Bizarrap gained popularity through collaborations with artists like Nathy Peluso and René Pérez, it was his “Music Sessions #53” in January 2023 that truly reached the pinnacle of success. In this session, Shakira subtly referenced her ex-partner Gerard Piqué and his current girlfriend, Clara Chía. In May 2023, Bizarrap and Shakira were seen together again, fueling speculation about a potential new collaboration. It is also believed that the recent photo with Penélope Cruz was a way to dispel rumors of any strained relationship between Bizarrap and Shakira.

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