Penn Badgley from You has a dark side and is related to astrology

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You has already captivated the fanatic public of Netflix with its sinister history. Joe Goldberg, interpreted by Penn Badgley, plunges into a new chapter with his also terrifying wife Love Quinn in season 3 of the show created by Will gamble. On this occasion, the couple will decide to move to the quiet suburb of Madrelinda to raise their son Henry and escape the atrocities they did in the past. However, peace will last a few days for these psychopaths.

Badgley and Victoria Pedretti are the protagonists of the original Netflix production that is still the most watched in several countries a few weeks after its premiere. But in the last hours a video went viral on TikTok rather related to the ex Gossip Girl. If you are very fond of astrology you will like it.

It is that the astrological chart of the American actor went viral and, without a doubt, he has a great accumulation of planets in the sign of Scorpio, normally known for being the darkest sign of the zodiac. But come on Scorpio is much more than that. It is transformation and intensity. Here we show you what the actor is like according to his main natal aspects.

You Penn Badgley is a potential Scorpio

Badgley was born on November 1, 1986, therefore, it is Scorpio. People of this sign are usually magnetic, intense and very passionate. Unlike the previous sign, Libra, Scorpios are not afraid to speak their minds. If they don’t like something, they will express it openly. On the negative side, sometimes they can get tied to the past, it can be hard for them to forgive and that is something that they will need to work on throughout their lives. Now, it is necessary to clarify that this will depend on the study of your complete natal chart.

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In Badgley’s case, it is not only Sun Scorpio, the actor has three other personal planets in Scorpio. The personal planets are those that also speak to us about aspects that are part of our personality. Besides the Sun, they are the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars. The protagonist has the first three in Scorpio.

The luna in the birth chart it refers to the relationship with the mother, therefore, it is the way of acting in which we feel most comfortable. Talk about the deepest emotions. In this case, having it in Scorpio, the depth is even greater, of course. These people live it intensely. They have a lot of energy and are usually brave. Now, they must learn to dose all that combo of emotions that invades them.

Penn Badgley also has in Scorpio to Mercury, planet of communication. In this sense, he will have a very acid and ironic way of expressing himself. Planetary position natives can be very intuitive and great strategists. They like to get to the bottom of things, they are good at investigating. But they should control the excess of mistrust and constant suspicion.

Finally, the American interpreter has a Venus in Scorpio. This planet in the letter of a man tends to indicate what it is that attracts him to the female figure, since of course this planet is associated with the goddess of Roman mythology. Being in Scorpio you can be attracted to mysterious and somewhat esoteric women. Again, they are people with a lot of sexual attractiveness and passionate, perhaps, not at first glance, but they have a stranger I do not know how captivating.

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Because there is no data on the exact time he was born, it is not possible to know his ascendant, another very important point in a person’s birth chart. What do you think? Will it be Scorpio too?

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