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Penn Badgley teases fans with an exclusive Tudum 2023 video preview of the electrifying final season of You

Penn Badgley shares preview of the final season of You with a surprise video from Tudum 2023

The final chapter in the story of Joe Goldberg in You (76%) is coming soon to Netflix and actor Penn Badgley has been in charge of surprising fans with surprises for the fifth and final season of the popular series. During Tudum 2023: A Global Fan Event, which takes place in person in the city of Sao Paulo, as well as virtually, the protagonist of the adaptation appeared in a video where he greeted the fans and said he was aware of what everyone is doing. his own theories for the end of the series. have marked Joe’s life.

Although the video does not directly reveal if we will see specific names back, the material shows Jenna Ortega, one of the actresses that many hope to see again in the series, and who is supposed to have returned in the fourth season. But what is more interesting: the actor assures that his character has left many loose ends, to which he implies that he could return to them in the last few episodes. Badgley closes the video saying “see you at Mooney’s” which is the name of the bookstore Joe worked at in the first season; an important part of the first episodes took place there and it was the place where he met Guinevere Beck, with the performance of Elizabeth Lail. Perhaps the character will return to that place, which would allow him to close the circle, since it was not only his first job, but the bookstore belonged to Ivan Mooney, the protagonist’s adoptive father who, according to what is revealed, abused him and locked him in a cage in the basement just like Joe does with other people.

Behind the curtain there have been some changes.

Showrunner Sera Gamble will have a smaller role as executive producer, according to Comic Book, but that’s because she has other projects. Her spot is swapped with Justin W. Lo and Michael Foley, who are transitioning from executive producers to showrunners for the upcoming season. Both assured that they enjoyed their time working with Gamble and that they are honored to occupy this new position to finish telling the story of Joe Goldberg.

Creators Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter praised Sera’s work

Creators Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter praised Sera’s work alongside the team on this Netflix production and that they will not stop collaborating with her on every idea they have. As already happened in season 4, these ideas could have to do with bringing back to Joe’s life certain characters that have not been seen lately on the small screen and that also have relevance in his life.

At the moment not No cameo or return of actors have been confirmed to close Joe’s story

At the moment not No cameo or return of actors have been confirmed to close Joe’s story, but we can assume that this final chapter of his bloody life could take him through all his previous experiences. Based on the novels by Caroline Kepnes, You (76%) centers on Joe, a hopeless romantic who loves books and has a penchant for stalking and killing the women he claims to love, as well as anyone else who gets in his way. his way. His quest to find “the one” began in New York, taking him to Los Angeles in season 2, then to the sweltering suburbs of San Francisco in season 3 and most recently to London in the fourth season that divided into two parts. There, on the other side of the world, the drama became a whodunit that forced him to finally accept that he is not a good man, an undeniable truth that he avoided for far too long. At the end of the season, Joe returns to New York with his wealthy partner Kate (Charlotte Ritchie) and a dangerous new lease on life.

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