Pension reform protest turns violent in France as Macron’s relative becomes target

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Eight people were arrested on Monday for assaulting the great-nephew of French President Emmanuel Macron’s wife Brigitte Macron during a protest against pension reform. Jean-Baptiste Trogneux, who is related to Brigitte Macron, was attacked in Amiens by a group participating in a casserole party. The attackers hit him on the head, arms and legs, and insulted the president, his wife, and Trogneux’s family before fleeing. Trogneux’s father, Jean-Alexandre Trogneux, told AFP that his son is “under observation while waiting for a scanner” and six men and two women were arrested.

Brigitte Macron denounced the violence in a statement, calling it “cowardice, stupidity, and violence.” The political class, from left to right, also condemned the attack.

France has been experiencing protests since January against pension reform that delays retirement age and increases necessary contributions for a full pension. Physical and verbal violence against political leaders increased by 32% in 2022, according to the Interior Ministry.

Last week, Yannick Morez resigned as mayor of Saint-Brevin-les-Pins after his home was set on fire in a context of far-right protests against a migrant reception center.

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