Pepe Gámez: The Fan-Favorite Finalist of “La Casa de los Famosos”

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Despite being one of the most discreet participants of the season, Pepe Gámez earned the affection of the fans of “La casa de los famosos“, which led him to be the first finalist and avoid the last round of nominees for the Telemundo program.

Rising through the Ranks

The actor of “Game of Lies” and “Rebelde” managed to stand out in each gala, rising as house leader in a few weeks and establishing good relations with his teammates.

The House of Pepe Gámez

One of the rooms that has appeared the most in Pepe Gámez’s social media videos is his kitchen, which is not very wide and is semi-open, with tall wooden furniture in brown tones and stainless steel appliances.

Accompanying the kitchen is the dining room and living room, which are the setting for several of his videos, which demonstrate his good taste in decoration.

Relationship Rumors

It would be precisely with Madison Anderson, the winner of “La casa de los famosos”, that the Mexican soap opera heartthrob has been related, as several users speculate that there is a romance.

Access to the Roof

Although Pepe Gámez’s apartment seems to lack green areas, it has access to the roof, where the actor has shown his main exercise routines, including his own gym.

Press Conference in Puerto Rico

On Thursday, April 27, Madison Anderson and Pepe Gámez landed in Puerto Rico for their press conference, an opportunity that the reporters of “At home with Telemundo” took advantage of to clarify the rumors of a possible romance between the two.

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