PepsiCo bets on Uruguay and highlights its talent and good investment ecosystem

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Montevideo, Sep 11 (EFE) .- The talent of its people, the economic stability and the solid ecosystem are some of the reasons why PepsiCo once again set its eyes on Uruguay with an investment of 64 million dollars in a plant of world-class concentrates, as assured by its CEO for Latin America, Paula Santilli.

During a visit to Uruguay in which he met with the country’s president, Luis Lacalle Pou, and carried out various activities, the Argentine, who has been living in Mexico for several years, receives Efe to talk about this investment that will have the purpose of expanding its current distribution plant in the historic city of Colonia del Sacramento (southwest).

“We are very happy, proud to announce an investment in Colonia del Sacramento. A very important investment for PepsiCo, 64 million dollars, which we are going to invest in the concentrates plant, where the magic of all our drinks is made, all our secrets they are there. From Colonia we export to more than 21 countries throughout Latin America, “says the executive director.

Through this investment, Santilli ensures that the plant’s capacity will be expanded by 60% with “‘superstar’ technology, the best on the planet today” and will be able to reach higher levels of exports.

Cologne is not just any place for the multinational company, because from there all the beverages that the company produces for the rest of the continent leave and this plant is one of the eight that PepsiCo has distributed in different parts of the world.

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According to Santilli, the work will take about 5 years since it will be done while the plant continues to operate, but he assures that it is a short time for what the size means.

“(In Uruguay) The talent is spectacular, it is one of the things we look at, when we are going to invest money, one of the factors that we pay a lot of attention to is that we have the people and the necessary talent to handle this new technology,” he highlights .

For PepsiCo, Uruguay’s “ecosystem of economic stability and legal security” is also “very important. This combo between the talent of its workers and certainty makes Uruguay a great caller to invest.”

It also highlights that the investment will have a strong point in environmental care and that in the facilities that already work, “almost absolutely everything” that is generated as waste is recycled or is biodegradable.

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