“Perfect Chemistry: Sara Corrales Thrives alongside Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva”

Sara Corrales opens up about her working relationship with Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva

Sara Corrales has been in the eye of the hurricane in recent months for her alleged affective bond with Gabriel Soto during the recordings of the melodrama “My way is to love you.” After confessing that she did receive flowers from Gabriel Soto, but that there was nothing else between them, Sara surprises by stating that she would work with him again and even with Irina Baeva, Soto’s fiancée, if she had to.

Open to working with anyone

“Of course, I have no problem working with whoever, how nice, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow to meet whoever, in the street, on a set, and not have any problem,” Sara explained to the press. She emphasized that she does not want any problems with anyone and that her peace and harmony are more important to her.

Avoiding soap opera heartthrob questions

Sara, who achieved international fame after her participation in the series ‘El señor de los cielos,’ took the opportunity to request that the media not ask her questions about the alleged bond with Gabriel Soto. She stated, “It seems quite silly to me to continue investing time and continue talking about something that simply wasn’t.”

New love interest?

Before leaving, Sara did not deny rumors that she is giving herself a chance at love with actor Juan Pablo Gil. While they are not a couple, Sara clarified that they are getting to know each other and that when they start dating, she will let everyone know.

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