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“Peronist bonds and Chavista law”: the striking accusation of the opposition leader in Spain that dislodged Pedro Sánchez

The leader of the conservative Popular Party, Pablo Casado, accused the head of the Spanish Government Pedro Sanchez of wanting to “buy” the vote of young people with “Peronist bonds”, a word that in his mouth sounded like an insult.

The opposition leader criticized in Parliament several measures of the socialist government such as its “Housing Law” which he called “chavista ” or a 400 euro cultural voucher for 18-year-olds that includes visits to museums, access to movie theaters, buying movies, comics, video games and other cultural goods, something that Casado seems to assimilate to a populist and clientelist measure.

“He promised employment for young people, but is limited to buying their vote with Peronist bonds to buy video games and comics,” said the opposition leader about Sánchez.

It is not the first time that Married, that invited former President Mauricio Macri to the summer course of the Popular Party in July, invokes the ghost of the “Argenzuela” to criticize measures of the socialist government.

In fact, this Wednesday he repeated a formula that he rehearsed days ago in an interview with the newspaper The world. “Government wants to buy votes by creating a Peronist system“, He affirmed then when criticizing the supposed” populist criterion “of the ruling party.

“Less populism, less Peronism and more solutions,” requested the Popular Party in a tweet promoting the interview.

What did Pedro Sánchez respond after being branded a “Chavista” and a “Peronist”?

Sánchez’s response to Casado in the Assembly was not very happy for Argentina either. He asked the PP leader not to “cheat” because “Spain is not bankrupt ”. “Spain is growing, Spain is at the employment level prior to the pandemic and Spain has a low risk premium,” he added.

And he concluded: “I ask you not to make statements that, in addition to being false and insulting the intelligence of the Spanish, contravene the interests of Spain.”

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