Personnel demand in the European IT sector increased in the first quarter

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In the IT industry, more staff was sought in ten European countries, including Germany, in the first quarter of 2021. This emerges from the report “European Tech Hiring Trends” by the international IT industry association CompTIA. Accordingly, the IT industry posted 877,106 job offers in the first three months of the year, 9 percent more than in the fourth quarter of 2020.

To be examined in the CompTIA report IT industry recruitment trends in Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, the Czech Republic and Spain. All qualification levels were taken into account in the job offers. 39 percent of all job offers are aimed at newcomers, 25 percent at people with medium or high professional qualifications. The qualification level could not be determined for 36 percent of the advertised vacancies.

The main search was for people in software development, systems analysis and cybersecurity. As the report shows, it is not only specialist knowledge that is required as a qualification, but people who also have knowledge of infrastructure, data applications and business applications, for example. In general, companies want to recruit staff who, in addition to technical knowledge, also have additional expertise so that the companies can achieve their goals better and faster. Particularly social skills for working together in a team and adaptability are in demand for IT jobs. In addition, problem-oriented and creative thinking and aptitude for project management and customer service.

The recruitment rate was highest in the areas of information and communication, manufacturing, administration and customer care, professional, scientific and technical services as well as in the finance and insurance sector.

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By far the largest number of IT vacancies were advertised in Germany with 421,109, in France it was 121,863, in Poland 105,921. The highest increases compared to the fourth quarter of 2020 were in Italy with an increase of 50 percent, the Netherlands with 43 percent and Poland with 37 percent.

However, the distribution of vacancies in the individual countries was not even: the search for IT staff in the metropolitan areas of the big cities was highest. Berlin with 30,960 job vacancies, Madrid with 14,002, Paris with 11,240, Warsaw with 12,952 and Amsterdam with 8337 vacancies stood out. But people were also sought in smaller cities, including Porto with 4695 job vacancies, Ghent with 3150, Bologna with 1642, Brno with 1138 and Brasov with 1116 vacancies.

For CompTIA, the increasing numbers of personnel requirements show that the digital transformation is continuing. In the first quarter of 2021, around 13 percent of all job postings were in the IT sector. In addition, the business situation seems to be normalizing again in the Corona crisis and more hires are being made. But it also shows that there is a “huge gap between the available job opportunities in the technology sector and the number of qualified people,” said Graham Hunter, vice president of business development EMEA, APAC and Canada at CompTIA in light of the numbers.


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