Peru Libre assures that Fuerza Popular has “non-existent evidence” of fraud

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The Peru Libre party said Thursday that Fuerza Popular has “non-existent evidence” of fraud, which is why it called for respecting the popular will, which at this time favors Pedro Castillo, with 100% of the records processed.

“Popular Force is sabotaging the elections, because they are bad losers,” said the lawyer for the leftist Peru Libre at a press conference.

Castillo’s team’s conference came after the National Office of Electoral Processes (ONPE) reported on the processing of 100% of the voting records.

For now 631 minutes remain to be counted that were sent to the National Elections Jury (JNE). Of this number, 307 contain challenged votes, one involves a request for invalidity and the rest of the minutes are for different observations that must be evaluated.

With 99.295% of minutes posted, the leftist Pedro Castillo obtains 50.196% of the votes, while his opponent Keiko Fujimori reached 49.804% of the vote. The difference favors the candidate from Peru Libre, by 68,775 votes.

Accept that you have lost“, declared the team of defenders of Peru Libre, assuring that the minutes recorded by the ONPE show the” very clear victory “in favor of their candidate.

Peru Libre’s technical advisor, AnĂ­bal Torres, affirmed that the Fuerza Popular team “does not have any evidence” to denounce the alleged irregularities in the minutes.

There is no cause for the annulment of a single act contested by Fujimori“Torres said.

Regarding the resources of Fuerza Popular to contest 802 polling stations, Peru Libre accused that this action “intended to steal the vote from 200,000 compatriots.”

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