Peru’s attorney general cites Pedro Castillo for the case of alleged interference in military promotions

The attorney general of Peru, Zoraida Ávalos, summoned President Pedro Castillo on Thursday to take a testimonial statement for the case in which alleged irregular promotions of high military commanders are being investigated, reported the Public ministry.

“The nation’s prosecutor, Zoraida Ávalos Rivera, summoned President Pedro Castillo Terrones for the next December 14th in the framework of the investigations that his office follows for the alleged interference of the Executive in military promotions, “the agency said on its Twitter account.

The Public Ministry indicated that Castillo must define the place in which you wish to render your defense, as stipulated in article 167 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

On November 8, former Army and Air Force commanders José Vizcarra and Jorge Luis Chaparro, respectively, denounced alleged pressure from Castillo, the then Minister of Defense, Walter Ayala, and the secretary of the Presidential Office, Bruno Pacheco, to promote to high military command.

Due to the case, on November 15, former Minister Ayala resigned as head of the Defense Ministry, harassed by the opposition. Days later, Pacheco also resigned.

Meanwhile, the Congress of Peru advances in a possible request for vacancy that could end with the dismissal of the president for allegedly “moral incapacity”.

The parties promoting the vacancy, Fuerza Popular (FP), Avanza País and Renovación Popular (RP), all from the right, add up to 43 members of the 130 members of Parliament, but need 52 so that the process continues in progress.

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