Peru’s Congress approves early retirement for men at age 50

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Lima, Jul 2 (EFE) .- The plenary session of the Peruvian Congress approved a law that allows male workers affiliated to pension fund managers (AFPs) to retire early at age 50, as they can already do. women.

The new norm, which has yet to be reviewed by the Executive, received 102 votes in favor and was later exonerated from the second vote mandated by Peruvian law with 101 votes, which was ready for eventual promulgation.

The opinion was supported by the vice president of the Economic Commission, José Núñez, and by the president of the Labor Commission, Daniel Oseda, as it is an initiative agreed between both groups of the Legislative Assembly.

Núñez recalled that the current minimum age to qualify for the early retirement pension scheme due to unemployment is 55 years for men, and 50 years for women, which is why they seek to standardize this situation.

In this sense, the approved opinion proposes modifying Law 30939, which establishes the early retirement regime, as well as the Law of the Private Pension System.

It indicates that early retirement will proceed when AFP affiliates over 50 have contributions that allow them to obtain “a pension equal to or greater than 40% of the average remuneration received and income declared during the last 120 months.”

In his previous presentation in commissions, it was noted that the current legislation discriminates against and violates fundamental rights by establishing a difference of five years by gender, so it is necessary to equalize it to a single age.

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