Peruvian novels “Amor de Madre”, “Mi Esperanza” and “Dos Hermanas” will air in the Philippines – MAG.

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After several decades, Peruvian soap operas will once again be shown on Asian television stations and it will be from the hand of Del Barrio Productions, a company that continues in an internationalization process.

“Mother’s Love”, “My Hope” and “Two Sisters”, broadcast in the years 2015, 2018 and 2020-2021, respectively, and which were audience leaders during their exhibition on América Televisión, They were acquired by television stations in the Philippines and will be released in that country in early 2022.

“This is a crucial step for the Peruvian audiovisual industry because it allows us to show and, even more so in a market as competitive as the Asian one, the great talent that exists in our country”, Stated the CEO of Del Barrio Producciones, Hugo Coya. “In addition, it becomes another source of foreign exchange for our country”He added.

Coya anticipated that he has been negotiating with television stations in India, South Korea and other Asian countries, expressing his desire that there will be new announcements in the coming weeks.

“For the entire team that makes up Del Barrio Producciones, this news is a great incentive. It fills us with hope because it opens the way for films, documentaries and national series to be seen in other markets, thus helping to promote our culture and attracting more foreign currency “, he said.

Coya participated two weeks ago in the Iberseries festival, held in the city of Madrid, where he discussed possible co-productions between Peru and Spain with producers and directors. A month ago, Del Barrio Producciones announced the opening of its first subsidiary outside the country in the city of Miami with a view to making soap operas, series, films and documentaries aimed at the Spanish-speaking US market.

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