Peruvian telecommunications company will release its bandwidth during the new quarantine

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In order to mitigate the impact of the confinement among its thousands of users, the internet provider company WIN announced that it will release its bandwidth, starting this Saturday and during the weekends that the new quarantine lasts, announced by the government as a measure. of emergency before the second wave of Covid-19 that hits our country.

In this way, users who have the WIN service in 19 districts of Lima, will be able to enjoy a higher internet speed, which will allow them to improve their experience in streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney +, Spotify, etc. . Likewise, it will allow greater connection stability, which will especially favor gaming lovers.

The measure will also favor those who work or study from home, since according to statistics, on days of confinement, internet traffic increases and saturation seriously affects the performance of those who perform remote tasks.

“The idea of ​​freeing up the bandwidth is to promote home entertainment, since with a higher internet speed the user experience is considerably improved. But this will also benefit those who work, as it ensures a more stable connection, “said Victor Jauregui, a member of the WIN board of directors.

With this initiative, WIN seeks to support its users by making confinement more bearable and allowing them to free themselves from the stress it generates. According to figures from the Ministry of Health, one of the most serious consequences left by Covid-19 is directly related to social isolation and mental health diseases such as anxiety and depression.

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“What we want, in addition to encouraging our families to stay at home, is to contribute – in a way – to the prevention of mental health problems caused by stress. This new confinement has been announced that it will be for fifteen days, but it is very likely that it will be prolonged and our intention is to help from our position, from what we can do as a Peruvian company, ”added Jauregui.

WIN invites other companies to join this initiative that seeks to encourage Peruvians to stay at home and prevent the spread of Covid-19.

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