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Peter Isn’t Stewie and Chris’ Real Dad

“Family Guy” has never shied away from humor surrounding the Griffin kids’ paternity, often weaving these jokes into its narrative for comedic effect. Regarding the mysterious Stan Thompson reference, its validity remains unconfirmed. It could potentially explain why Peter frequently fails to behave like a responsible “family guy” and why Lois (voiced by Alex Borstein) treats him poorly. The origin of Chris, in particular, has been the subject of such humor. For instance, a scene in “He’s too Sexy for his Fat” shows Lois immediately after childbirth with a colossal newborn Chris. However, this scene seems to be contradicted by a recurring joke that Lois and Peter kidnapped Chris from a Dutch family. In the whimsical world of “Family Guy,” where truth is flexible, let’s assume Chris is indeed the biological child of Peter and Lois.

One aspect of these paternity theories, however, has been clearly debunked by the show’s canon: Stewie’s paternity. Several plotlines focus on his conception, such as in the episode “Chap Stewie.” Moreover, Stewie’s arch-nemesis and half-brother Bertram (voiced by Wallace Shawn) exists solely because of Peter’s contribution to a local sperm bank, anchoring Stewie firmly in the Griffin genetic pool. While the overall theory may not hold up entirely, it remains an entertaining topic to ponder.

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