Peter Morgan, creator of the Crown, sinks the royal family with a stark description

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The Crown is one of the best series that users can find on the streaming service Netflix, not only for its content and the awards they have obtained, but also for telling the life of Queen Elizabeth II and those around her in a unique way. Your Creator, Peter Morgan, has already spoken more than once for the controversial decisions he has made, but did not miss the opportunity to again target the royal family.

The last thing we saw so far from the show was the fourth season, released in mid-November of last year. In those episodes we were introduced to the Princess Diana, played by Emma Corrin, in what was the beginning of her marriage to the Prince carlos. The facts were told in a way that raised the eyebrows of royalty, so they made their annoyance notice when asking to communicate that it is a fiction and not reality, although there was no modification.

Morgan had an interview recently with The Hollywood Reporter, where gave details of how it works, being so questioned for his point of view. Explained that has a team of several researchers, script editors and historians: “They are responsible for making my work possible and for holding together the writing part of this program”.

THR reminded him of Peter that During the fourth installment, Prince Charles was targeted as a villain after the revelations of how he carried out his relationship with Diana. To which the author commented: “Their mess felt like a Rubik’s cube that just wouldn’t click in a way that would bring happiness to either of them. It wasn’t their fault, and it was all their fault.”.

Finally, he assured that one disadvantage of marriage was that their private misfortunes played out in public, and described them as “The most glorious and bitter fairy tale of the 20th century”. Season 5 of The Crown is currently in production and we already have the first official records of Lady Di and Carlos, played by Elizabeth Debicki and Dominic West.

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