Peter Parker birthday: how old is Tom Holland’s character

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Happy birthday, Peter Parker! Spider-Man is celebrating this tuesday, august 10 because it celebrates a new year of life. The character played by Tom Holland in the MCU is born on this day, according to his story. Find out why it is celebrated today and how old it is! Safety pin.

His birthday reveal took place in Spider-Man: Far From Home when the tape shows the passport of the main protagonists. There it appears that Parker was born on August 10, but curiously does not say what year. The day has an explanation with the comics because that day in 1962 the character had his first appearance in Amazing Fantasy # 15.

Peter Parker’s Passport (@SpiderManMovie)

One of the characteristics of Spider-Man is his youth. For its time it became the first superhero that teenagers could really relate to because he had the same problems. That is why the actors who played him in the movies did not exceed 30 years.

What year was Peter Parker born?

While the passport did not detail Peter’s year of birth, within Spider-Man: Far From Home it was specified that his arrival in the world was in 2001. That is, for the premiere of the film I was 18 years old and that this Tuesday is turning 20. At least Tom Holland’s version.

Spider-Man must grow up?

Among Marvel fans there is a strong debate that opposes two views: one says that the actor who plays Spidey must change to keep a youthful imageHe, while another affirms that it is time for the character grows up, has children and is more mature. In that case, it would not be necessary to modify the protagonist for a long time.


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