Who is Peter Thurnwald: Know Everything About the Actor

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Peter Thurnwald is the name everywhere on the charts these days. The Australian actor, director, and producer has garnered worldwide attention for his role in the recent rom-com series XO, Kitty. The movie premiered on the 18th of May, 2023, and has won many fans. Many audiences fell in love with Peter and his captivating on-screen persona. 

This article covers everything about Peter Thurnwald in detail. Read it till the end to find out. 

Where is Peter Thurnwald from? 

As per his IMDb profile, Peter Thurnwald was adopted as a baby from South Korea, after which his new parents decided to raise him on the Gold Coast in Australia. There is limited information about his exact birth date. Reportedly, Peter was born in 1998, which would make him either 24 or 25 at present. 

Like every child, Peter prioritized his young days in excelling at academics at Somerset College. He was equally inclined towards sports and other curricular activities during his college days. He took part in various school theatre productions, but never thought of taking acting as a full-time profession. After completing school, he enrolled at the University of Queensland and studied physics. 

Who are Peter Thurnwald’s Parents? 

The internet is scarce of information about Peter’s real or adoptive parents. There was a time when the actor had to experience some internal struggle to understand his identity. Growing up on a different continent, Peter often felt like an outsider. He always looked forward to connecting with his Korean heritage. 

When he was in school, he would often get prompted with questions about his biological family, siblings, and more. He even tried finding his siblings and family. Unfortunately, his hopes were shattered when he learned that the records of his real parents were lost in a fire at an orphanage in Korea. The actor took a lot of time to come out of this event. 

In one of his candid interviews, he even expressed his desire to find some details about his parents. According to Peter, “Maybe one day I will travel back to Korea with the sole goal of finding my mother, but I don’t think I am quite ready to embark on that journey yet.”  

Peter also expressed that his sister has been a great influence on him and often credits her sister for being there for him and showering him with all the sibling love and her wise advice from time to time. 

What is Peter Thurnwald’s Net Worth? 

There is no confirmation about the assets and net worth of Peter Thurnwald. One of the reports revealed that his estimated net worth could be around $800,000, but this report needs confirmation. 

When Did Peter Start his Acting Career? 

Peter’s journey in the world of acting began after he was scouted by a casting agent after his performance in Flood at the Gold Coast Arts Festivals in 2015. His performance gathered some recognition, after which he was taken into some extra roles in various films, including King Kong: Skull Island, Thor: Ragnarok, and more. He decided to take his acting more seriously and auditioned for the prestigious Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts in 2016. Peter was selected into the Bachelor of Acting program and successfully graduated as a part of the class of 2019. 

After completing his acting studies, he secured a significant role as Lachie Koh in Stan’s Original series, Bump. After this, Peter went on acting in different roles and productions, including the role of Foresite in the show Players. 

One of the most popular roles that gained him massive recognition was of Alex Finnerty in To All the Boys I’ve Ever Loved’s spin-off, XO Kitty. Many people were smitten by his screen presence. 

Reportedly, Peter has ventured into the field of production too, and teamed up with two production companies – Pathline Pictures and Continuance Pictures to develop his own television series.

We wish him all the luck in his professional endeavors. 

Some Lesser-Known Facts About Peter Thurnwald 

  • Peter Thurnwald has always been candid in his interviews, especially about his identity crisis in his early teens. While the actor could not find details about his biological parents because of the burning of documents in a fire in the orphanage, he still hopes to reconnect with his mother someday. 
  • Peter holds a special admiration for the actor Steven Yeun and calls him his favorite. In one of his interviews, Peter expressed his immense love and admiration for the actor and stated how he loved his exceptionally authentic style. 
  • Although Peter doesn’t have a dream role as yet, he loves two franchises namely, Avatar: The Last Airbender and Halo, from the bottom of his heart.
  • Acting was never a career dream for Peter, and he always wanted to be behind the camera. But destiny had some other plans for the actor. That said, the actor is soon venturing into production. 
  • In his free time, Peter likes to play video games. 
  • There are a few reports that Peter is in a relationship. However, the media could not gather anything about his partner’s identity. 
  • Some reports suggested that Peter Thurnwald is gay. However, the actor has never commented on his sexuality and likes to keep mum. 

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