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Petro denies accusations by Hugo Carvajal about financing of Chavismo – Investigative Unit

A formal error in the extradition order of Hugo ‘Pollo’ Carvajal has just become the last chance that the Venezuelan general (r.) Has to become an attractive and valuable snitch.

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The October 27th is summoned again before the National Court of Spain to, finally, deliver evidence of the alleged hidden payments of the regime of Nicolás Maduro to Spanish politicians, the left-wing Podemos party and even leaders of that ideological shore in Latin America.

Carvajal says he has a way to prove that with the looting of Venezuela a strategy was deployed to spread the germ of the Chavista left in several countries, including Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia and Colombia.

In fact, it has the Spanish authorities divided.

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Hugo 'the Chicken' Carvajal

Hugo Carvajal assured that the Chavista regime has financed left-wing parties for 15 years.

Diplomatic bags

Juan Carlos Wallet

Pablo Iglesias and Juan Carlos Monedero, founders of the left-wing party Podemos.

One sector believes that can unravel the investigation that was opened, in 2016, against Podemos, the movement founded by Pablo Iglesias and Juan Carlos Wallet, indicated to receive Venezuelan financing for its start-up.

But others believe that only is buying time for various resources to prosper and his extradition to be stopped, avoiding a conviction in the US for drug trafficking and arms trafficking.

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Carvajal, 61, he pointed out to the Venezuelan state oil company (PDVSA) of being “the petty cash” of the regime and that with its funds “deliveries of between 100,000 and 200,000 euros”To leaders of Podemos.

Those and other contributions, he said, moved in diplomatic bags, lined with tape that was not checked by customs.

“While I was director of intelligence and military counterintelligence, I received a large number of reports pointing out that this international financing was happening. Concrete examples: Nestor Kirchner, in Argentina; Evo Morales, in Bolivia; Lula da Silva, in Brazil; Fernando Lugo placeholder image, In Paraguay; Ollanta Humala, in Peru; Zelaya, in Honduras; Gustavo Petro, In colombia; Five Star Movement, in Italy, and We can, in Spain. All of these were reported as recipients of money sent by the Venezuelan government, ”Carvajal wrote in a document revealed by OK Diario.

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An Argentine prosecutor has already requested a copy of that statement to investigate the alleged delivery of $ 21 million in the middle of the presidential campaign of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

Petro’s reaction

Gustavo Petro

Gustavo Petro asked the Supreme Court to investigate him

And in Colombia, the first to react was the senator and presidential candidate Gustavo Petro, who took the opportunity to once again distance himself from the extradited Alex Saab.

Already in 2020, when EL TIEMPO revealed that links between Saab with the former senator Mercy Cordoba and with the businessman Carlos Gutierrez Robayo (Petro’s brother-in-law), the senator spoke.

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“If that man married my sister-in-law, that type of relationship is not a family relationship, ‘brother-in-law’ is not any type of kinship registered in Colombian law,” he said at the time.

Mercy Cordoba

Piedad Córdoba admits that she met Álex Saab (back). But it is emphatic in that it was not presented to Hugo Chávez or Nicolás Maduro.

And, after Carvajal’s statement, he assured: “Those who expect funding from foreign governments to appear for my campaigns at some point in my political life (sic), will be waiting. I neither know Saab nor Carvajal ”.

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And I add: “I am preparing a legal intervention to confront the general and alleged drug trafficker Carvajal, either in Spain or in the United States ”.

What’s more, asked the Supreme Court to investigate.

Diosdado and the candidate

God given hair

Diosdado Cabello, assembly member and second man of Chavismo in Venezuela.

What Carvajal said also had a political echo. “Chávez: communist student. Castro: tenured professor. Petro: assistant professor, monitor. His task, to entangle the elector to impose a socialist dictatorship by way of the trap, “wrote the former president Álvaro Uribe.

Plus they dusted off the words he said God given hair, the second of the regime, in 2018.

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“That man came here once Petro to ask for support for his campaign (…) and now the Chavistas stink. That is why he lost and he will never win, because the people despise cowards ”.

Petro responded, at the time, that he was not interested in Maduro’s support, “Because there is no revolution in a thread that is perpetuated only to capture oil rents.”

Carvajal has three days to back up your claims, including his onslaught against Pablo Iglesias, head of Podemos, who announced his retirement from politics last May, after the defeat of the left in the regional government elections in Madrid.

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