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PGA Tour Star Cries as Amanda Balionis Reveals Career-Defining Moment

PGA Tour Star Cries as Amanda Balionis Reveals Career-Defining Moment

Davis Thompson at John Deere Classic

Davis Thompson was visibly moved when speaking to CBS golf reporter Amanda Balionis on Sunday following his victory at the John Deere Classic. Having turned professional just in 2021, the 25-year-old celebrated his first PGA Tour win in Silvis, Illinois, securing a spot at the Open Championship.

The emotions overwhelmed Thompson, who had already shared a touching moment with his wife on the green, and they spilled over during his interview with Balionis.

“Davis, you’re known as a player who doesn’t show a whole lot of emotion, until now. Where does this emotion come from?” asked Balionis.

“I mean, just seeing my wife, it means a lot. I love her so much, and I was so thankful she was able to make it,” responded Thompson. “I just tried to stay present all day, and when that putt finally went in, it was just a big sigh of relief.”

As tears were brushed aside, Balionis highlighted that it was Thompson’s first triumph on the PGA Tour after only 63 starts, along with bagging a cool $1.44 million prize. She touched on the intense effort Thompson has put into elevating his play, culminating in this significant tour victory.

This breakthrough could signal greater exploits ahead for the rising golfer as he gears up for the year’s last major. Thompson’s next stop is the Open, scheduled for July 18 at Troon in Scotland. Despite the sizeable accomplishment at the John Deere Classic, Thompson noted post-victory: “Qualifying for the Open was just an added incentive into this.”

The young golfer confessed on the CBS broadcast that the prize money would enable him to settle his house debt, and although it wasn’t mentioned on the broadcast, Thompson’s victory also secures him a spot at the Masters in 2025. Balionis continued to laud Thompson’s accomplishment on Instagram after the coverage had ended.

The golf correspondent shared pictures of her conversation with Thompson and described her encounter with his wife, Holly Grace. “Davis Thompson went from knocking on the door last week to tearing it off its hinges for his first PGA TOUR victory,” wrote Balionis.

“Thompson, in his 63rd start, set the new scoring record at the @johndeereclassic and qualified for the Open Championship. My favorite part of the day was meeting his wife, Holly Grace, who was just as surprised as the rest of us to see him break out into a huge smile on 18.”

“The typically reserved Georgia Bulldog finally let it all out after the final putt dropped. It was such a joy to watch them celebrate the moment as a couple and savour the fruits of their hard work.”

Source: CBS Sports