Pharmaceutical Teva agrees to pay 4,250 million for the opioid crisis

The Israeli pharmaceutical company Teva reached an out-of-court settlement on Tuesday with some 2,500 local governments in the United States to which it will pay 4,250 million dollars for its role in the opioid crisis that plagues several parts of the country.

In separate statements, the company and the beneficiaries of the agreement – city councils, state governments and Native American tribes – reported the pact, which must now be approved by the judge.

In February, Teva already reached a settlement with the State Government of Texas (USA) for which it paid 225 million dollars for its role in the opioid crisis in the state, whose abuse each year kills tens of thousands of Texans.

The settlement included $150 million in direct payments to the state over 15 years and another $75 million earmarked for the purchase of Narcan, a drug used to combat the effects of opioid overdoses.

The southern state had accused Teva, as well as other pharmaceutical companies, of having for years carried out deceptive or inaccurate advertising practices of its opium-derived painkillers, which contributed decisively to the addiction of tens of thousands of people.

Narcan, the drug Teva will provide to Texas worth $75 million under the agreement, combats the effects of both drugs routinely sold on the street illegally such as fentanyl and heroin and those of opioid drugs sold legally as painkillers in pharmacies but whose abuse can prove lethal.

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