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Phil Collins Announces 30th Anniversary ‘Both Sides’ Box Set

Phil Collins’ fifth solo album, 1993’s Both Sides, is set to receive a comprehensive reissue as a part of its 30th-anniversary celebration.

The new five-LP vinyl set, Both Sides (All the Sides), will be available on September 20. This expanded edition will feature a remastered version of the original album, alongside early demo tracks, live performances, and other rare recordings.

Released two years after Collins’ final album with Genesis, We Can’t Dance, Both Sides included the Top 30 hits “Both Sides of the Story” and “Everyday.” The album climbed to No. 13 in the U.S. and achieved No. 1 in the U.K., marking Collins’ fourth No. 1 album in his home country.

Collins wrote, produced, and played every instrument featured on Both Sides. It was his first solo record in four years, following … But Seriously, which had reached No. 1 and earned over a half-dozen Grammy Award nominations.

Although Genesis released their final album with Collins in 1991, he officially left the band in 1996, having joined it in 1970 at the young age of 19. Genesis would later reunite for tours in 2007 and 2021 with Collins.

The upcoming Both Sides (All the Sides) box set will include a newly remastered version of the original 1993 Both Sides album. Additionally, the set will feature demo versions of both Top 30 singles, as well as the album track “Can’t Find My Way” and the song “Hero,” which Collins co-wrote and produced for David Crosby’s 1993 album Thousand Roads.

The box set will also contain B-sides from the album’s singles, like “Don’t Call Me Ashley” and “Rad Dudeski,” alongside live recordings from the era, including one from Collins’ 1994 appearance on MTV Unplugged.

Coinciding with the reissue, Collins will release a limited-edition LP titled Live From the Board: Official Bootleg for RSD Black Friday on November 29. Originally issued in 1995, this four-track EP features songs recorded during 1994’s Both Sides tour.

Here’s the complete track listing for Phil Collins’ Both Sides (All the Sides):

LP 1

Side One – Original Album
1. Both Sides of the Story
2. Can’t Turn Back the Years
3. Everyday

Side Two – Original Album
1. I’ve Forgotten Everything
2. We’re Sons of Our Fathers
3. Can’t Find My Way

LP 2

Side One – Original Album
1. Survivors
2. We Fly So Close
3. There’s a Place for Us

Side Two – Original Album
1. We Wait and We Wonder
2. Please Come Out Tonight

LP 3

Side One
1. Can’t Find My Way (Demo)
2. Hero (Demo)
3. Both Sides of the Demo (Early Demo)
4. Everyday (Early Demo)

Side Two
1. Don’t Call Me Ashley
2. Rad Dudeski
3. For a Friend
4. I’ve Been Trying

LP 4

Side One
1. Both Sides of the Story (Live)
2. Can’t Turn Back the Years (Live)
3. Survivors (Live)

Side Two
1. Everyday (Live)
2. We Wait and We Wonder (Live)
3. Both Sides of the Story (MTV Europe Unplugged)

LP 5

Side One
1. Hang in Long Enough (Live)
2. Hand in Hand (Live)
3. Doesn’t Anybody Stay Together Anymore (Live)

Side Two
1. Always (Live)
2. Stevies Blues (There’s a Place for Us Instrumental)
3. Take Me With You

Source: News Break, Townsquare Media