Phil Spencer praises the DualSense (PS5); suggests Xbox controller improvements in the future

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Phil Spencer has not hesitated when it comes to acknowledge work done by Sony when designing the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller, whose main technological innovations are the incorporation of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. His praise is accompanied by a suggestive message for the future, since does not rule out an update to the current Xbox controller with some kind of addition.

“Sony has done a good job with its remote and we have noticed something on it”

In a casual conversation with the podcast Kinda Funny Gamescast, from Kinda Funny, the manager has talked about many things, some of them not at all related to video games; but they have also given space to deal with aspects of interest to the Xbox player, whom he represents.

“We are definitely thinking of different types of devices that can bring more games to more places. We will probably work in command ”, he acknowledges. It is worth rescuing the commitment of Xbox to bring Xbox Game Pass to Smart TV or even the manufacture of a kind of Chromecast. We would only need a controller to play. “I think Sony has done a good job with its remote and we have noticed something on it and we think there are things we should do”, He argues, without going into more details.

The Xbox Series X | S controller, an evolution of the Xbox One controller

The Xbox Series X | S controller is not the same as the Xbox One controller. Any player who has had both peripherals will identify a severe improvement in the sensitivity and comfort of the chassis, the triggers or the renewed crosshead, now much more conducive to playing video games of the genre fighting in two dimensions or titles of traditional platforms.

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With a Xbox Game Pass that reaches more and more devices, such as Android, web browsers or iOS devices via browser, it is increasingly essential for its strategy to guarantee a command that responds to the technological demands of the players. Hopefully those statements will translate into something concrete for the future. And regarding that future, the Xbox Game Pass catalog will incorporate about 30 titles in the coming months.

Source | Kinda Funny; via VGC


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