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Phil Spencer (Xbox) celebrates 20 years of GameCube by choosing his favorite game

Just a few days ago we celebrated the twentieth anniversary of Nintendo GameCube, a console that stood out as soon as it arrived for its appearance, but also for the quality of its catalog of exclusive games. During the last hours, many users have paid tribute to him by choosing their favorite titles, and one of them has been nothing more and nothing less than Phil Spencer, the leader of the Xbox division. Your chosen one? Eternal Darkness: Sainity’s Requiem, the acclaimed Lovecraftian-themed survival horror developed by Silicon Knights back in 2002.

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Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem and the many faces of terror

The Silicon Knights game only took a few days on the market to become a favorite among fans of the genre. Part of the blame for his success was its revolutionary sanity system, which showed us that sometimes, the loss of mental health can be much more dangerous than the physical one. The protagonist, Alex, was forced to investigate the murder of her grandfather in his own mansion in Rhode Island. Beyond taking damage when hit, grace was on the sanity meter; when decreasing after being scared, I tried to suggest the player with resources as original as altering inventory data, showing exclusive scenes and even making you think that the enemies had died on their own.

15 years after its premiere, Dennis Dyack (one of those responsible for the game) tried to carry out the development of Shadow of the Eternals, a spiritual sequel. However, the unsuccessful financing campaigns and the passage of time have made the project remain in the pipeline; for now we do not know anything about him.

Eternal Darkness: Sainity’s Requiem llegó a GameCube in 2002. To date, the title has not received any port or resmaterization on any other platform.

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