Phil Spencer (Xbox) criticizes PlayStation release policy on PC

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Phil Spencer (Xbox) criticizes PlayStation release policy on PC

In recent times, the PC release policy of Sony With its exclusives for PlayStation consoles, it has changed radically, since in fact, not so long ago it was something that the Japanese company even raised. Everything indicates that several titles in charge of PlayStation Studios will continue to arrive compatible, but for Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division of Microsoft, still not enough. Thus, Spencer has criticized Sony’s modus operandi in this regard, especially the fact of launching its games on PC “years after” doing so on consoles.

Explicit criticism of Sony’s method

“Right now we are the only ones releasing their games on console, PC and in the cloud simultaneously,” Spencer begins by explaining. “Others bring their games to PC years later, making users not only have to buy their hardware, but making them pay twice for the game on PC. And of course, all of our games are on subscription services from day one. , with cross platform included “, he concludes.

“The thing is, we just put more quality games in front of more people than other companies,” continues Spencer. “Across the Xbox ecosystem, we reach hundreds of thousands of gamers every month, and our accessible market continues to grow, while that of others remains static. As the Xbox ecosystem grows in content and size, it becomes something more. valuable to players and partners. “

Sony has already reiterated on several occasions that it does not even consider launching its games on PC at the same time as on PlayStation consoles. In fact, the president of PlayStation Studios, the former Dutchman from Guerrilla Hermen Hulst, recently said that Bringing games to PC will never cost you to build a solid catalog on consoles.

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