Phil Spencer (Xbox) Spends “Zero Energy” in Console Warfare; has priorities

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Phil Spencer wants nothing to do with the console warfare, those dialectical confrontations between fans who are very sympathetic to a brand at the same time that you aggress with the maximum competitor. It is not something new, however, but it is a context from which the most responsible for Xbox wants to move away, as explained in EDGE.

“I spend zero energy on ‘how do I make other video game platforms smaller and Xbox grow,’” says Spencer (via VGC). “I’m more interested in growing the video game pie than our slice of the pie eating everyone else’s“, exemplified.

“All this does not help the growth of the industry”

Phil Spencer has never refused to value the merits of his competitors; be it Nintendo or Sony, and it has been known to participate in well-being in user communities. It was also one of the main drivers of the cross-play between platforms, which little by little is settling between different brands and publishers.

“That’s why we focus on things like cross-play [juego cruzado] y el cross-save [progresión cruzada]”, He adds. Phil Spencer wonders why two people can see themselves in the assumption of not being able to play a specific video game together online just because one has a console from one brand and the other from another. Its objective is precisely to end these policies and, in a way, to end the barriers that have been imposed in the industry in recent years.

“All this does not help the growth of the industry,” he says. “For us it is not a matter of the other becoming smaller so that we become larger.”

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Last February 2020, before the large-scale pandemic began in the West, Phil Spencer described Amazon and Google as his great competitors of the future; not so Nintendo and Sony.

Xbox Game Pass, present and future of Microsoft in video games

The future of Xbox goes through the implementation of its ecosystem, which has Xbox Game Pass as its cornerstone. Its service includes more than 200 titles from a multitude of publishers; including Xbox Game Studios itself and Bethesda Game Studios, which offer their day one releases in this library. The differentiating key is that it is available not only on Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles, but also on Windows computers and iOS and Android mobile devices through the cloud (Xbox Cloud Gaming); available for a few weeks as an alternative for Xbox console users.

Source | EDGE (via VGC)


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