Philip Wiegratz and His Acting Career

Philip Wiegratz and His Acting Career

Charlie and the chocolate factory fame actor Philip Wiegratz is the most searched actor of 2022. His role as Augustus Gloop, a chubby greedy boy, who is always doing nothing but eating, gained so much love from the audience.

There needed to be more than just a mere performance to attract the audience; Philip Wiegratz resembled the character and adapted his personality as his own. Off the set, the actor justifies the character he played as Augustus Gloop; Philip is a die-hard food fan and is a meatatarian.  

Even after relishing a successful career in the film industry, Philip Wiegratz waived off the film industry and started to work as a Software Engineer in the local corporate organization. Let’s see more about actors and unveil why he abandoned the limelight for 9 to 5 jobs. 

Who is Philip Wiegratz?

Born in Magdeburg, Germany, Philip is an English boy with no zest for acting. In his interviews and chat shows, the actor never confessed his love for acting as a child. But the stars worked, and Philip Wiegratz is known for his wonderful performances in his short-span acting career.  

Apart from the famous movie Charlie and the chocolate factory, Philips also played in more films such as Ruby Red, Lore, and The Wild Chicks but not all of them were blockbusters. During his nine years of acting career, Philip majorly worked as a child and supportive actor. 

Regardless of the success of the movies at the box office, Philip Wiegratz earned so much fortune from Hollywood; $ 100,000 is an estimated amount that Philip made from the films and talk shows. 

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Philip Wiegratz And His Acting Career: A Call That Made Him Star Overnight 

It is vastly known before acting, Philip was an ordinary boy who was more like a clueless teenager. After appearing on the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory set, the director, Tim Burton, glances at Philip and finds him perfect for Augustus Glopp’s character. 

After being shortlisted, Philip Wiegratz was not allowed to gain weight for the character rat. Rather was completed to wear the fat bag, to look obese and chubby. While shooting the movie, Philip performed his stunts wearing the Fat Bag, which impressed the director and creators of the film a lot. 

Working with decorated actors such as Johnny Depp at such a young age gave him great exposure to the film industry. After Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, he worked meticulously for his acting career. Philip received back-to-back offers for movies, and in the year 2013, he was last seen in Ruby Red and Lore. 

Being a voice-over artist for animated TV Shows and frequent interviews and chatting with paparazzi was the common deal of Philip Wiegratz being an actor; after quitting, the media didn’t spot him much as the actor distanced himself with cameras and flickers. 

Philip Wiegratz And What Is Brewing In His Personal Life 

Charlie and the chocolate fame actor was just a teenager, and this age is too early to contribute some sizzling personal life buzz for the media. The information we gathered about his personal life so far is: He completed his formal education in his native place. 

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But as a matter of fact, He shared a dump post on his Instagram handle sharing his photos from vacation to New York, where he shared a photo with Angie Brauns, a fitness enthusiast and model, but there were firm affirmations on the two of them dating. 

Even after kicking the grown-up age, the actor never shared who he is dating, but formerly, it was suspected that Philip Wiegratz had a relationship with who? It is still a mystery. As of now, Philip Wiegratz is 30 years old and enjoying bachelorhood with no wife and kids.

What Made Philip Wiegratz Leave Hollywood And Join The World Of Corporate?

The reports say nothing about why Philip Wiegratz showed back to his flourishing acting career and joined the conventional way of livelihood. But the assumption is that consecutive mediocre hits on the stage disheartened the actor and made him quit acting. 

After leaving the movies, Philip Wiegratz is now working as a Software Developer trainee and working towards achieving heights in industrial operations. He completed his Master’s in Computer Science from the German University, and not the actor officially turned into a professional tech geek.  

The reports also hint that a wave of accusing Charlie and the chocolate factory of being an outrageous movie for obnoxious kids and this incident also encouraged actors to step back from their acting careers and find a way that is safer and more stable for the long term. 

Quick Facts About Philip Wiegratz; What You Do Not Know About Him 

  • Philip Wiegratz sustains a very balanced and healthy life. He is neither too wallflowers-ish nor a party animal. He believes in enjoying the beauty of everything at its time.
  • Even in 9 years of an acting career, Philip Wiegratz owns a net worth of $ 1 million to $5 million, assets procured from jobs not included. 
  • He is the actor who eats and enjoys a lot regardless of societal clench and standards; Philip loves to eat chicken with some chilled beer and is fond of everything all dressed food. 
  • His character and exceptional performance in the movies nominated him for the Deutscher Fernsehpreis awards- Promotional Award. 
  • Unlike the teenage TV celebs, Philip never bragged about his success and stayed neutral even though he was famous kike a dime. 
  • Goggle declared Philip Wiegratz as the most searched actor of the year, and people made so many searches about his personal life and what he is up to now. 
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Philip Wiegratz was a spectacular actor of his time; if he continues the way he was acting, the future will surely serve him much better and differently. Although the actor seems so content with his decision to quit the cinemas rather than being a part of the glamour, Philip now enjoys the unsophistication of life and travels. The world without fearing the paparazzi. 

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