PHOTO: Nike ‘stumbles’ with a Greek word in the design of its new sneakers (and the Network does not forgive)

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FOTO: Nike 'tropieza' con una palabra griega en el diseño de sus nuevas zapatillas (y la Red no perdona)

This week, several images of Nike’s new shoe model, the Air Force 1 Low, were leaked, but a user noticed that there is a serious linguistic error in its design and express his anger through Twitter.

“No, I can’t help myself,” said a woman named Zoe Gardner. “I know it doesn’t matter, only an idiot would use [unas] sneakers where it’s written ‘piks’ in Greek letters and I’d think it says ‘Nike’ and I shouldn’t care what shoes idiots wear, but god, it irritates me so much“he added.

He also explained that the letter ‘П’ corresponds to a ‘P’ in English, while the spelling ‘Σ’ is equivalent to an ‘S’. “There are eleven million Greeks. Ask one,” added the netizen, annoyed, who also appeals to Cypriots, those who study classical languages ​​and “people in general who know basic things.”

“I have not finished. Nike is, first of all, a damn word. Oh god, what anger,” Gardner finished in reference to the American multinational, whose name was inspired by Nike, the goddess of victory in Greek mythology.

“It looks so bad”

Another netizen named Sunny Singh He said the following: “I understand and sympathize with this anger, not because I speak Greek, but because the ‘geek’ of mathematics [que hay] in me it is torn between surprised laughter and breaking things “.

“This infuriated me more than I can describe […] it looks so bad “, he claimed someone else in the comments. “Nike is trampling a tongue and entire culture “, added another Twitter user, who considers this typo as disrespectful.

According Sneakernews, the Air Force 1 Low will soon be available on the market. “The forefoot overlay comes to life with a premium Epi leather, while the panels elsewhere opt for a light movement,” highlights the specialist shoe portal.

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