Photoshop and Illustrator will have their Web version

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Photo editing applications are the order of the day and there are many on the market. In fact, some are even free and there are some that are capable of working in a browser. The latter is the most interesting, since despite all the elements they have, they work very easily. And it seems that the house of Adobe have thought about taking that step with which they will put a web version in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Finally an online version of official Photoshop arrives

Adobe has released some of the most exciting multimedia editing applications on the market. Of course, Photoshop is one of its great exponents, although Illustrator cannot be ignored either. They are two tools that have grown in parallel and that serve very different things despite the popular belief that they have similar tools.

But in the house of the developer they have put into operation a new version in which you can use these two apps from a browser. Specifically, Google Chrome and Edge are the ones chosen for the use of these applications, which will be helpful to work with the files you have in the cloud without having to install either of the two applications on a computer. They will be available through this link.

With subscription to use all options

For some years now, software developers have imposed the use of your software licenses as a subscription. That is, you pay for the time you are using them and once this expires, no matter how much you have the app installed, you will not be able to use it as you did before. This model also carries over to the web versions of Photoshop and Illustrator, which you will have to checkout to exploit all its options.

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Nevertheless, Yes, the preview version and comments will be available to all users. That is, if they pass you a .psd or .ai file, you can open them without problems in the online versions to see the result. In addition, the comments function will be enabled in which you can write what you need to indicate to another person who is working on the same file to make the relevant changes. At the moment, the firm is working with the Beta versions to correct errors and improve performance in the final versions, so we will have to wait for the final version to use them fully.


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