PHP framework: Symfony 6.0 appears at the same time as version 5.4

SensioLabs has presented versions 5.4 and 6.0 of the popular PHP framework Symfony. Regarding the innovations, the two versions are identical, but Symfony 6 cuts off old braids and removes all content marked as outdated (deprecated). Developers who want to switch to the new main version should first switch to 5.4 and remove all deprecations.

Symfony 5.4 and 6.0 provide a new Notifier called Vonage Bridge, which is intended to replace the Nexmo Bridge. Apparently Nexmo was bought two years ago by Vonage, a provider of cloud communication platforms, so this feature is more like an update of the bridge. The new name was probably given recently, it says in the Pull Reguest on GitHub.

The update of the 5 development strand adds further integrations to the Notifier component. Since version 5, the Notifier component allows notifications to be controlled via different channels such as Nexmo, Slack, Telegram and Twilio via a uniform interface. This was previously only possible through in-house developments.

Previously, the Symfony Profiler collected debug information with a loss of performance. With Symfony 5.4, the profiler can be activated under certain conditions (conditional profiling), which should prevent delays. It requires according to the blog post just two new configuration options:

# config/packages/dev/web_profiler.yaml​



        collect: false​

        collect_parameter: 'profil'​

collect: false disabled the profiler and with the option collect_parameter: profile it can be activated for queries that have the query parameter profile contain.

The command translation:update extracts translatable content from templates, controllers and some PHP files. It is used to automatically create and update translation files for an application. Although the command “updates” the translation files, its primary function is to “extract” translatable content. Therefore it gets a new name with Symfony 5.4: translation:extract.

Symfony 6.0 will no longer use the old name, which is why SensioLabs recommends using the new name.

More information about the two updates can be found in the release notes Version 5.4 and Version 6.0. In addition, Sensio Labs is posting a Collection of articles about the individual new features of the 5.4 version to disposal.


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